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Polaris, la stella guida del viaggiatore
hinking, planning, travelling, taking photographs, writing and creating: 
these are, in summary, the elements necessary for the realization of a book.
We as Polaris, we get one more element: “the heart”!  

These are the words we wrote twenty years ago about our first series of travel guides.
We repeat the same words with much more conviction today, publishing a wider and more complete catalogue.

If the world and the way of travelling are changing faster and faster, the spirit of Polaris guides has not only remained the same, but it has grown even stronger to cope with these changes.

New travellers are not "accidental tourists"
but they are protagonists more and more aware of their own choice, they are in search of interesting experiences and not of pre-packed ones, now it’s very easy for them to navigate the geography of the world, to surf the web and to get at once the practical information they could need.

Nowadays people look for something more in a travel book.
They do not wish to be guided just to a simple "recognition" of places, but they really want to know all about them. They want means that could reveal the true “soul” of a country, its lights and shadows, without the usual edulcorated and stereotyped image.

They look for no-trivial information in order to understand and find out something more about places and countries, to find stimuli and not only answers, to have useful tools and “keys” that will open the doors to a world made of places and different people. A world that they are ready to explore personally with curiosity and sensibility, following their instincts and suggestions.

People are looking for a book that could be a good travelling companion,
stimulating, caring, funny, interesting and not only a list of addresses of hotels and restaurants. We are convinced that some practical information to plan a journey, can be easily found in a travel agency, in the web or through other channels, more comprehensive and updated.

Polaris travel guides offer much more than that.

Polaris guides look much deeper into the matter, paying specific attention to geographical, historical and cultural aspects of the country, with a wide space dedicated to both classic itineraries but also to unconventional ones. They include practical information (periodically updated on the web site) but they are real true books, rather than the simple guides. They are useful to be carried around with you during the journey but above all they can be read before and after it and, last but not least, they are beautiful books to be conserved and collected.

They are “Author Guides” written by and for Italian travellers.
This is not a small detail if you consider that, in a totally globalized market, the same guides are translated in dozens languages and are sold in millions of copies, The Authors are all travellers "by vocation" or living in the country they write about.

Polaris catalogue includes not only guides: 
Travel Guides
Cities and Places of the world

In these years many other SERIES have been developed to meet different and specific needs.

ITINERARIES and CULTURES: Itineraries and cultures: a series of cultural studies to reach a better insight of specific destinations;

CITIES OF MISTERY: to look at some cities from a different and special point of view;

ALONG THE ROUTES OF THE WORLD: a new series of travel stories and fiction books, because we shouldn’t forget to add to our guides some other readings;

TRAVEL HANDBOOKS: brief monographs of the practical aspects of travelling with advices and useful texts, for operators but not only;

LIBRI FOTOGRAFICIpreziosi volumi da regalare o regalarsi, di pregio e grande formato;

BOOKS OF PHOTOGRAPHSBooks of photographs: precious volumes of great value and big format, to give as gifts to someone or to treat yourself;

OUT OF SERIES: archaeological guides, thematic ones and other volumes. Because travelling is opening to new ideas that can’t always be classified.

Some Polaris guides and books are also available in E-books and other languages (English and French).
Polaris Editions will continue to grow more because, if you deal with travel, you have to.
Reading is the beginning of a journey. Without pretending to give absolute answers, but hoping that that tickling the reader's curiosity he will see the world with different eyes and soul.

Have a nice journey!

The Polaris Staff

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Created in 1989 by a group of passionate travellers with a lot of experience, Polaris is specialized in the production and marketing of travel guides and photography books. Today the catalogue has got over a hundred titles including guides and other series, manuals, essays and travel narrative.


In Italy and abroad
All Polaris guides and other series are regularly commercialised on the Italian territory (mainly in the north-central area) and in some foreign countries such as Libya, Jordan and Morocco as well as other countries, especially English-speaking ones, where the distribution is being finalized.

Polaris Point
The books and volumes can be found both in specialized bookstores and in all the best book-sellers in the travel/tourism section. In Italy, more than 100 Library Polaris Points provide the opportunity to see all the titles in the catalogue and grant a rapid delivery in case of ordering.

Polaris is also present in the major online e-commerce sites, with direct sales through its web site where the distribution of titles in digital format (e-book) and in English and it’s going to be reinforced.

Tour Operator and Travel agents
Outside the bookstore distribution, Polaris sells directly to the main Tour Operators: Alpitour, Hotelplan, Turisarda, Kel 12, Mistral, il Diamante, Viaggi dell’Elefante, Kuoni, il Tucano Viaggi, Gruppo Veronelli, Tour 2000, to name only the most important ones, plus about seventy others less known and many Travel Agencies, all of them very active in organizing tours in Italy and abroad.

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